How to use: Google Pixel ‘Secret’ Button on The Back

Learn Here how to use the secret button to create your own shortcut on Google Pixel in one Touch.

Quick Tap Google
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Do you know that the Apple iPhone has a Quick Tap feature that enables users to do specific tasks by tapping the smartphone’s backplane? Users may use it to take a screenshot, Play or pause media, and more. However, did you know that the Google Pixel includes the same functionality as well?

Yes, the Google Pixel includes the ability to perform specific tasks with a double tap on the back panel as well. On the new Google Pixel 6 series, Pixel 6a, or Pixel 7 series. When we tested the feature, it performed admirably.

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You can tap twice on the phone’s back to trigger a pre-programmed operation thanks to the Quick Tap feature, which is compatible with the Pixel 6, Pixel 6a, and Pixel 6 Pro. It comes in handy when you need to quickly access or control an app, if you have mobility limitations that make using some gestures difficult, or if you want to make using the Pixel with one hand easy.

Whatever, Let us guide you here’s how to use the Quick Tap feature on Google Pixel

How to Activate Quick Tap on Google Pixel

The Quick Tap gesture on the Pixel Phone is one of Android 12’s handy features. It only takes a double tap on the phone’s back to activate a shortcut feature. It may be configured to perform a variety of tasks, including collecting screenshots and opening specific features.

Follow the steps by step full guide below

  • Open The Phone’s Settings App > Then Tap System
System Google
  • Tap On The Gesture that you want to change
Quick Tap on
  • Now choose the Functions that you want to enable to use functionality when you Quick tap. You may choose as your needs from options to take screenshots, show your notifications, play or pause your music or video, or open a specified app.
Tap on The Functions
  • Now start Test-   Tap twice on the backside of the Pixel Phone and your chosen function will be activated
  • If you need to change a few functions as required you can change them from the Quick Tap Start Section of the Gesture menu. You may change the tap strength. Go to Toggle ‘Require Stronger Taps’ to ON under Quick Tap Strength.
Quick Tap Strength

Watch the Video for more visualization

credit – FANXEL: How to Activate Quick Tap Shortcut on Pixel Phones

Quick Tap Features on the Google Pixel

  • Take Screenshot
  • Access your digital assistant
  • Play or Pause Media
  • See recent Apps
  • Show Notification
  • Toggle Torch
  • Open App

Google Pixel Quick Tap FAQ

Which android version supports Quick Tap Functions in Google Pixel Phone?

Android 10 and up

Can I use Gestures in the Pixel 6 series?

Yes, You can use it in the new Google Pixel 6 series, Pixel 6a, or Pixel 7 series

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