How to Get More Reach on Instagram

Instagram is a great way to connect with your followers and build a following. However, there are many ways to grow your Instagram presence, from posting quality content and engaging with others on the platform to using SEO tactics like keyword research and tagging locations when possible. In this article, we’ll cover some of the most important tips for growing your Instagram following in 2023

12 Ways to Get More Reach on Instagram in 2023

Ready to read the above 12 Pro Tips for getting more followers on Instagram? I highly recommend implementing these tips with your Instagram page, definitely you will get 100% positive results.

Growing your online business or personal brand through Instagram is not an easy task if you are not aware of how this platform works, and what strategy to use. read all 12 Key points carefully to understand things that will help to gain followers on Instagram fast.

#1: Create a Strong Profile for First Impression.

In order to create an impressive profile please go through the following points to build your profile strong. This is the most important optimization of Instagram profiles to gain more followers.

  • Niche Selection is the most important part of setting up a profile. Select your Niche based on your interest.
    Example – (Clothing, Beauty, Digital Marketing, Video Creator, Fitness)
  • Optimize Profile means setting up your Instagram profile to be found by your target audience. Optimizing your profile helps you to get more visibility, follower growth, increased engagement, and traffic.
  • Make sure that your username is easy to spell and remember (maybe not using all caps or phonetics)
  • If you are creating a user name for your business make sure it isn’t taken by someone else in a similar industry to yours or with a similar interest/hobby etc.
  • how long username on Instagram – make sure the name isn’t too long; keep it under 20 characters at most and avoid hyphens- remember that search engines look at longer URLs as spammy! However, the character limit for an Instagram user is 30 characters and you can’t cross the character limit.
  • Use keywords in your username – For Example, if Your Name is “Mayara” and your profession belongs to Makeup & Hair, you can put a user name like “Mayaramakeover” That will help to reach out to more people on Instagram originally resulting in increasing Instagram Followers.
  • Use keywords in your Name Too – Make sure your “Name” should include keywords relevant to your niche. For Example, If Your Name is “Mayara” you can put your name “Mayara | Makeup Artist” or “Mayara Makeover ” like that. The purpose is simply to use keywords for more searchable that will help to reach targeted people on Instagram.

#2: Write an SEO-Friendly Bio

  • Write a compelling bio.
  • Keep it short and sweet, but also include your website and social media links. (You can use Link Tree, BioLink, Smart Bio, etc.)
  • Include a call to action: tell people what you want them to do next, such as “follow me” or “join my mailing list.”
  • Describe yourself in terms of what you do (i.e., “I’m an Instagram influencer who shares beauty tips”) or how your business works (i.e., “I offer consultations on how best to use makeup”).

Additionally, you can include a description of your products or services. This is an excellent opportunity to use phrases that describe what your business does, as well as any keywords that might help someone search for your page. For example, if you’re an Instagram influencer who shares beauty tips

Instagram Bio

#3: Post Regularly

How often You are Posting regularly that matter? Keep in mind of Instagram algorithm Posting frequency for Instagram is the best practice to grow on Instagram. As per my Experience, follow these strategies to gain more followers to your profile.

Posting Frequency for Instagram-

CarouselShare 1-2 carousels Weekly
Single PostShare 1-2 Singles Weekly
IG LivesGo Live 1-2 Lives Monthly
ReelsShare 3-4 Reels Weekly
StoriesShare 4-5 Stories Daily
Long Form VideoShare 1-2 Video Monthly
Story HighlightShare Weekly basis as required

#4: Create Great Content

Content is the King of social media. So, the quality of content matters for any social media platform like Instagram

Research the content on which topics you are gonna create. You can get the help of Pinterest, Google, or your competitor. Follow the below Bullet points for How to Get Content Ideas Everyday

01. Instagram

-Take Inspiration from other pages for content Ideas.

-Do IG Lives with Guests, Check the comments and DMs for Inspiration.

-Ask your audience from time to time and understand what they like to see.

02. Tools

-use different idea gen tools like Answer the Public

-Other Tools like ‘Feedly’ and Deck of Brilliance

– Subscribe to a few Portals to get alerts on emails.

03. Education

-Learn more about your Niche to get more Ideas

-use sources like Courses, YouTube, and Podcast to learn more

-Read books & learn from other Creators on IG

#5: Use location tags

Location tags are a great way to help search engines find your content, as well as other people who might want to see it. They also help you encourage engagement with local businesses and services that may be nearby.

Here’s how:

  • Use the location tag in all posts (even if it’s not relevant). For example, if you’re at a concert or speaking at a conference, use #hashtaggedlocation or #speakingatx on every post so people know where they can see more of what happened in real life. This is especially important when it comes to the time for reviews!
  • Add hashtags like #whereiam going? and/or #whatareyoudoingtonight? before any comments or likes/likes when posting something specific about where we’re going/doing today! These will help us get back onto our journey later so we don’t forget where everything started off again…

If you’re going somewhere cool like the Bahamas or Mexico City, use #whereamgoing instead of #hashtaggedlocation to help people who are searching for information on those places find your content. Do not bother using hashtags if they don’t have any meaning or relevance to what you’re posting about!

You want to get more Instagram followers in 2022 and in the coming year using Location tags is the most important part. Only a few Instagram users use location tags in their bio and in posts. Yes! If you take advantage of these tags with your posts, reels, or stories and in Bio, you will definitely get more followers from your local country district and City as well as worldwide because Many users want to know about local social media influencers from their city and district. Many people search by city name on Instagram in this case you will rank on top and chance to get them to follow you.

#6: Take Full Advantage of Instagram Reels and Story Highlights.

Everyone knows the success of TikTok, which was shorts from the video in this same manner Instagram released its first reels in November 2019. Many users started taking advantage of the reels to boost their reachability worldwide and they grew fast. If You want to grow on Instagram or want to gain more followers you should start making reels every day to reach more people. in December 2017 Instagram introduced Story Highlight, which provided the facility to add Stories to your Highlight. There was no limit to how many stories you can create, it depends on you.

Viral Reel Ideas

-Do a lip sync on a dialog from a popular TV serial or Movies

-Share Does and Don’t with popular songs

-Remix a reel of your favorite creator

-Turn your best-performing post into a reel

-Quick Tutorial in Your Niche e.g.- Quick Story Hack

-3-4 myths with cool transitions and songs

-Find a trending reel and replicate it in your Niche

-Create a reel showing a day in the life of a person in your niche

-Share a reminder about a topic in your niche

-Share a before-after with a suitable song

-Share a reel on ‘This or That’ and ask people what they prefer

-Lip sync a trending song and relate it with your niche topics

-Share Various reactions to a situation e.g.-when the client asks for a discount

2X Your Story Views

-The ideal number of stories: Too many or too fewer numbers of stories can hear your view. Experiment and find the ideal amount of stores every day. This keeps your views higher. 4-6 Stories a day works perfectly for anyone.

-Trending stickers work like crazy! When there are new trending stickers, don’t forget to use them. It can literally 4X-5X your views.

-If you have to post something important that you want too many people to see then keep at least a 12 hours gap in the stories. This will increase the story view for sure.

-Continue Post stories for more views and gaining followers.

#7: Use Automation.

You Can use Post insight to know the behavior of your audience like What time your Posts and reels mostly they watch and what is demographics for the same. Then Plan to Schedule posts consistently at the right times of the day according to your audience’s behavior. You can use Facebook Studio and Business Tools to Automate your Post, reels, and stories at what time you want to schedule. You can use third-party Instagram Scheduling Apps and Tools like Brandwatch, sensible, Loomly, Buffer, SocialPilot, etc.

#8: Use hashtags and Relevant Tags

  • Use hashtags to search for users. You can use hashtags in your bio and profile description to help you get discovered by the people that are already following you.
  • Use hashtags to search for content. Hashtags are great for finding relevant content on Instagram, but they’re also helpful when it comes time to curate your feed (or create an Instagram story). This will allow you more control over what shows up in front of your followers’ eyes, which means fewer duplicate posts from brands who haven’t bothered taking their own advice about what makes a good post!
  • Use hashtags as a way of connecting with others who share similar interests.
  • You should use hashtags in your captions. They’re a great way to help your posts stand out from the crowd and make it easy for people who are interested in what you have to say to find you.
    Hashtags are words or phrases preceded by the pound sign (#). For example: “#growth” would be a hashtag that describes growth as an idea or goal, but not necessarily something specific like “growth mindset.” Hashtags can also refer to other topics related to growth; for example, “#growthhacking” refers specifically to hacking techniques used with social media networks such as Instagram and Facebook Messenger (as opposed to hacking techniques used generally).

#9: Add a Call-to-Action in every Post

Add a call-to-action in every post, so people know what they should do next (like follow us!) or buy something now! You can also try adding fun facts or questions that make the reader want to click through and see what else you have to offer them later on down the line when they visit again after reading this post.

Call-to-action buttons are buttons that tell you what to do next. They can be anything from “Click here,” to “Sign up for our newsletter.”

You should use a call to action when you need engagement. If you’re trying to grow your account, it might be time for a new look and feel, or maybe just some fun ideas.

  • In a photo post: Use it as an opportunity to showcase something cool or informative about your product. For example, if this is an image of something interesting happening in nature (like an animal), include a link back to where people can learn more about it—and maybe even buy tickets to the event!
  • In text posts: Give readers more information about what they’re looking at by adding links like “[link]” at the end of sentences instead of just saying “click here” every time someone scrolls down past it (which will confuse them).
  • Use a call-to-action when you need more followers. No one wants to follow someone who doesn’t have any followers at all! So, if you’re looking for more subscribers in general, consider changing up your feed style and adding new photos of yourself so that people notice that there’s something interesting happening on Instagram (and maybe even want to check out what else they can find).
  • Use a call-to-action when you need more likes/comments/followers/etc.

#10: Collaborate with Others

Yes! If You wanna grow on Instagram in 2022 and wanna more followers this is the fastest and one of the best ideas to gain followers in your profile. You Can reach out to People or brands relevant to your niche and ask them to collaborate with you, in this case, Your Profile will reach more people to gain followers. There are many ways to collaborate with others who have more followers than you.

  • Go Live with Others
  • Invite a collaborator
  • Tag other users.
    • Tag relevant people in the photo.
    • Tag people who are relevant to the photo.
    • Tag people who are relevant to your business and audience, if applicable.
  • If you have a brand or business, you should also tag other users with hashtags related to your brand or product; this will help increase discoverability on Instagram because it’s more likely that they’ll see these tags when browsing other photos from similar accounts (such as yours).

#11: Build Community

Engage with others and build relationships.

In order to grow on Instagram, you’ll want to be active in the comments section of your posts by commenting on other people’s posts, liking or replying to their comments, and asking questions. If someone asks for your opinion or feedback on something they’ve posted, feel free to answer with a thoughtful response that shows that you’re listening. You can also ask for advice from other users who are more experienced than yourself in order for them not only to give an honest response but also to learn something new themselves!

Mentions are a great way to build relationships and get more followers, likes, and comments on your posts.

It’s simple: when you see an account that you want to follow or someone who has a lot of followers, mention them in one of your posts! This will show that you’re friendly towards others in the community and help boost their numbers as well.

#12: Use Marketing Tools to Create High Engaging content for Instagram.

Instagram is an obligatory online entertainment stage for advertisers.

In any case, your presence on the equivalent won’t have an effect except if you make it significant. Furthermore, for that, you really want to depend on Instagram promoting devices to develop your business.

It’s a given that there are various impediments to fostering a secure Instagram showcasing procedure. Creating leads, spreading brand mindfulness, building social confirmation, and expanding commitment is only a small bunch of viewpoints you ought to consider to develop your image profile quickly.

This rundown of Instagram instruments will assist you with nailing the greater part of your objectives, right from direct Instagram distributing, breaking down presents on finding out about the client personas, booking your Instagram posts, and significantly more.

Use the Following Tools and Websites that are crazy!

Contentdrips Carousel Maker- Create Carousels for Instagram within 2 mins with a pre-made template

Unlink – All in One Tool for Instagram -Create profile picture, Grid Splitter, etc.

Social Studio- Automate Instagram content creation, designs, and posting with AI

Social Media Today- Be the first one to know all the social media updates!


I am doing Everything but why I’m not growing?

Ask yourself questions to get the answer- 1st- Does my content stand out on Instagram? 2nd- Am I building connections with the respective niche?

Should I use 3-5 hashtags to get more reach?

Focus more on your content first, yep 20-30 hashtags working well.

How often Should I post to grow?

It’s not about the no. of posts, it’s all about the valuable content that your audience can grab easily.

How to get practical content ideas?

Get inspiration from viral posts of growing or big creator accounts.

How to find trending songs on Instagram

You can check the discover page to find your interest base trending reels with songs and can use featured songs suggested by Instagram self on the reel’s music search section.


If you’re looking to grow your Instagram following, but aren’t sure where to start, then these tips are for you! Remember that the best way to get started is with the basics. Start by giving each of your posts a name, a description, and hashtags that can help you gain followers (and more engagement). Once you have those three elements down pat, create engaging images that show off who you are and what makes your business unique while maintaining consistency across all platforms. The more unique images relate back directly to each other on some level; don’t post too many at once; keep it short; use visuals like icons or emojis as much as possible–these will help make people stop scrolling through their feeds on their phones when they see something new! Good luck everyone!

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